Have confidence in your data. Best practice strategy and execution led by an experienced leader, at a fraction of the cost of a full data practice.


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Data Strategy

Drawing from extensive experience growing data practices, I help you invest wisely into data by providing strategy that is appropriate for your organisations stage and context.

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I can deliver high quality analytics and data science by leveraging relationships with experts and agencies, developed over almost two decades in the data industry.

Providing education on how to best utilise data to maximise impact. Able to share frameworks and methodologies for understanding how data creates knowledge, and informs decision making.

Leadership & Supervision

I can lead data and analytics efforts inside your organisation on a casual or part time basis, allowing you to benefit from experienced data leadership, with a lower level of cost and commitment.

I can supervise internal and agency-based data initiatives, representing your interests and ensuring a successful outcome. Allowing peace of mind to put your attention elsewhere.

Areas of Expertise

I have deep experience across many aspects of data and analytics including:

  • Product analytics & event instrumentation
  • Analytics engineering
  • Technology selection
  • Data modelling & architecture
  • Marketing attribution and UTM tracking
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Reporting and dashboarding
  • User behaviour analytics
  • User segmentation



Provide mentorship and guidance to data professionals, supporting their growth and vision in their field.



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Enabling high quality decisions through analytics, facilitation, education and wise counsel.