Wisdom & Analytics is a boutique consulting agency providing expertise in the enablers of high quality decision making - analytics, coaching, and collaboration.


Dan Gooden combines nearly two decades working in data and analytics with a lifelong passion for the role of dialogue in shaping wise decisions.

Through commercial experience consulting with organisations of all sizes, to building Airtasker's data function as the Chief Data Officer, he has a rich grasp of establishing trusted and impactful analytics practices within organisations.

Having seen how even well-built analytics can fail to deliver successful outcomes when working in complex and ambiguous domains, his approach addresses all the key elements of high-quality decision making. He recognises that analytics plays a contributing role rather than being an end in itself.

Dan has training and extensive experience working as a facilitator and practising emerging deep dialogue processes. His work is informed by awareness and insights into interpersonal group dynamics and the process of collaboration and alignment.

Ultimately, Dan intends to help shape a world where wise decisions are planned for and commonplace.


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